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The construction site of the U3 in Mönckebergstraße in summer 2021

Redevelopment U3 city center

Modernization of the subway in the heart of Hamburg

All information summarized

More than 100 years ago, the first subway ring with 23 stops was built around the Alster in the heart of Hamburg. Tens of thousands of Hamburg residents and visitors from all over the world still travel here today on the U3 line.

To ensure that our U3 will continue to offer passengers reliable short distances in the city center in the coming decades, HOCHBAHN is carrying out extensive construction work on the line between the main station and Baumwall until early summer 2022. These are absolutely essential for safe and smooth subway operations.

HOCHBAHN's goal is to bundle as many measures as possible in order to make the most of the 14-month interruption in service between Baumwall and Hauptbahnhof. The heart of the project is the complete renewal of the subway trough, i.e. the tunnel exit of the U3, at Mönkedamm.

Almost all project components are subject to monument protection. This and the tight underground and above-ground construction environment demand special care. Investments in the refurbishment and barrier-free expansion of the U3 in the city center total around 86 million euros.

By 2022, all subway stops in the central downtown area will be barrier-free.

All individual activities at a glance

A total of six subprojects will be implemented during the closure.


The Mönckebergstraße stop, which is being refurbished during the modernization of the U3 downtown line.

The U3 stop Mönckebergstraße

The Mönckebergstraße U3 stop will be made barrier-free by spring 2022. It will have one elevator per platform, raised platforms for level boarding and alighting, and a tactile guidance system for blind and visually impaired people.

All our underground subway stops must have a second entrance that serves as an emergency exit if needed. The Mönckebergstrasse stop is the last subway stop in Hamburg's subway network that does not yet have this. At the same time, therefore, it will receive a fully-fledged second station access with a ticket hall and stairs.

And: Due to their age, the building structure and the station will be extensively refurbished and modernized.

A visualization of the Rathaus stop, which is being rehabilitated during the modernization of the U3 downtown line.

The U3 stop Rathaus

The U3 City Hall stop will be made barrier-free by spring 2022. It will have one elevator per platform, raised platforms for level boarding and alighting, and a tactile guidance system for blind and visually impaired people.

In addition, underground technical rooms necessary for the operation of the elevators will be built. And: Due to their age, the building fabric and the stop will be extensively renovated and modernized. The City Hall stop - like the Mönckebergstrasse stop - will look more modern and fresh. Due to their special location in the immediate vicinity of Hamburg City Hall, great importance was attached to transparency and lightness in the design of the elevator bodies. They are made entirely of glass and blend harmoniously into their surroundings.

The Rödingsmarkt stop, which is being refurbished by Hamburger Hochbahn during the modernization of the U3 downtown line.

The U3 stop Rödingsmarkt

The Rödingsmarkt U3 stop requires extensive refurbishment: Stairways, ticket halls, platform hall and also the adjacent steel viaducts and a concrete bridge will be refurbished. In addition, the platform elevation will be extended to allow level boarding and alighting. And: all signaling equipment, cables, tracks and ballast will be renewed.

The station will be completely enclosed for the duration of the work. The repair work will be carried out from January 4, 2021 to June 2022.

The trough

The core and centerpiece of the project is the tunnel trough. The tunnel exit made of concrete foundation and walls has to be demolished and rebuilt.

The reason: the trough is supported by wooden piles standing in the water, which are now showing signs of severe erosion. Only if HOCHBAHN completely rebuilds the structure and places new piles in the ground can reliable and safe subway operations continue.

Passenger safety on the U3 has always been and continues to be ensured. Nevertheless, a speed limit of 30 km/h already applies in the area of the tunnel trough in order not to put too much strain on the over 100-year-old structure.

The tunnel being rehabilitated by Hamburger Hochbahn during the modernization of the U3 inner city line.

The tunnel

The tunnel, through which the U3 has been traveling for over 100 years, needs to be refurbished and sealed from the outside in some places. Between Mönckebergstrasse and Adolphsplatz, over a total length of 861 meters, damaged and damp spots on ceilings and walls in particular need to be permanently protected against moisture.

At three locations, the surface of the tunnel has to be opened to expose and seal the underlying ceiling: At Adolphsplatz (February to October 2021), Große Johannisstraße (September 2021 to April 2022) and at City Hall (extension of the existing construction area for barrier-free expansion - June 2021 to April 2022).

A viaduct that is being modernized by Hamburger Hochbahn during the refurbishment of the U3.

The viaducts

Between the tunnel exit under the HKIC building and the Rödingsmarkt stop, the U3 runs above ground on viaducts, i.e. supporting structures or bridges. Due to their age and existing damage, they are also undergoing extensive repair. The structure is made up of several structures that will be tackled in sections during the project:

Mönkedammfleet stone viaduct, Mönkedammfleet steel viaduct, Graskeller steel viaduct, Rödingsmarkt station steel viaducts.

This will involve comprehensive repair work: steel construction work, structural reinforcements and renewal of the corrosion protection. The viaducts will be completely enclosed to protect them from noise and dirt.


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