A mobility platform

With a platform linking all mobility service providers, HOCHBAHN enables one-stop shopping for its customers to use complementary mobility options as well as conventional public transport. The entire process is available to customers here, from information via booking and payment up to after sales service - all from a single source.


switchh Saarlandstraße
switchh © HOCHBAHN


switchh is a HOCHBAHN mobility service which provides   everyone living in Hamburg with a simple, convenient way to use the car and bike sharing services offered by our partners car2go, DriveNow, cambio and StadtRAD in combination with the HVV bus and urban rail services.

The aim of switchh is to give the citizens of Hamburg an alternative to owning a car. Living close to the inner city where an attractive range of public transport is available and a well-organised, convenient system for switching over to car and bike sharing is in place is the best situation for being able to do without a car of one’s own. Working on the principle of  “complementary mobility“, switchh provides a real alternative to running your own car, above all for those in densely populated parts of the city.

The project, launched in 2013, comprises three measures for the long-term implementation of a mobility platform: setting up so-called switchh points with parking spaces for the bikes and vehicles from our partner companies at urban rail stations, integrating information on all alternative means of transport available from our partners in the HVV mobile App, as well as introducing a special switchh tariff with preferential rates for customers.

switchh-points in Hamburg
switchh-points in Hamburg © HOCHBAHN


Check In/ Be Out (CIBO)

From 2017, a pilot project aimed at letting HVV passengers check in and out without any problems via their smartphones is being launched.

This project with the name CIBO – Check In, Be Out – is intended to make passengers’ daily travel easier and as uncomplicated as possible. The long-term goal is, using the “best price function“, that the system calculates the optimal price for you. That way, customers won’t need to bother themselves with the ins and outs of the tariff scales any more in future.