Wheelchair-friendly access to your destination

We’re dedicated to maximising mobility.


Berlin? London? New York? Hamburg!

No one can show us up when it comes to making our system free of barriers. Almost 90 percent of all our metro stations already boast disabled access. By 2021, that figure will be 95 percent. That’s something that world cities like New York and others can only dream of.
Measures to ensure Accessibility involve elevators, elevated platforms and orientation aids for visually impaired people at stations. In 2012, HOCHBAHN launched a major initiative aimed at fitting the 92 metro stations with elevators at a rapid pace. At that time, only 40 percent of stations were wheelchair-friendly.
From elderly people to parents with pushchairs through to our disabled passengers – we want to offer every single person easy and convenient access to our trains.

Here you can see some of our barrier-free stations:

accessibility metro stations hamburg
Elevator Metro hamburg
Eppendorfer Baum
barrier-free Hamburg hochbahn
Hamburg barrier free elevator
Klosterstern © HOCHBAHN