Annual Report 2018

Simply more. More simply.




Gateway to the world. 
Anchor for free thinkers. 
We may not always agree, 
but we are united. 
First class, 
even in the second division.


We belong here. 
We are on track here. 


For this city. For these people. 
Sometimes edgy, often rugged. 
Always on the move.


For new perspectives. 
Deep connections. 
Spanning the Elbe and getting closer the Alster. 


Simply more, more simply. 


Way up north. Deeply rooted. 
Home. Heart. Hamburg. 



You want to know more about our way? In 2018, a record 465 million passengers travelled with us, the highest figure in our history. We would like to present all of our information, facts and figures to you in our 2018 Annual Report. Simply download below.