Expanding the Metro for the future


Hamburg is growing rapidly, and by the mid-2030s the population could increase to over two million. More people, more housing, more jobs – more traffic. Let’s put an end to even more private traffic! At present, cars in Hamburg take up more than 11.5 million square metres of space – that is three times more than the space we allow our children in playgrounds.

It’s time to make some changes. Together we now have the opportunity to set the course for an environmentally conscious, convenient and barrier-free future: with the expansion of the metro network.

Hamburg’s subway system is set to grow by around a third over the next 15 to 20 years. Our focus will be on extending the U4 to Horner Geest and building a completely new underground line, the U5.



Why is the metro extension necessary?

Both today and moving forward into the future, Hamburg needs an attractive and efficient public transport system in order to relieve the strain on the roads, help protect the environment and thus secure a good quality of life in the city.

With the expansion of the metro network, Hamburg is ensuring mobility for future generations to come. The range of services offered will be significantly improved with the extension of the U4 and the new construction of the U5. Large housing estates, densely populated urban districts, major educational and employment centres, and large leisure and recreational areas will all be linked up to the metro system for the very first time.


The Projects:

The U4 extension to Horner Geest

HOCHBAHN U-Bahn-Bau-Planungsphasen
U4 extension to Horner Geest: More than 13,000 local residents will be able to benefit from the line.

The countdown is on. By the end of 2019 we aim to commence with the construction of the U4 extension to Horner Geest. The draft planning has already been completed, and there is now also an estimate of what the two new stations Dannerallee and Stoltenstraße, the reconstruction of the Horner Rennbahn station and the tunnel route could potentially cost. Our experts have calculated around 465 million euros for the project. Cost variances and possible price increases are already factored in to this estimate.


We aim to have linked Horner Geest to the high-speed rail network by the mid-2020s. More than 13,000 local residents will then be able to benefit from the U4 line. Even before construction starts, we are already actively involving these residents. In 2017, we organised civic participation events in this area of the city where we collated a number of ideas for the design of the new stations.

We wanted to know, for example: How do the young people in Horn see their district? The answer: As an area with plenty of greenery and lots of playgrounds. As a theatre stage filled with diversity. And as a district with a rich history where the Advent wreath happened to be invented.




The metro line U5

U5 Hamburg
The U5 - Hamburg’s largest transport project of the coming decades.

It is set to be one of the major infrastructural projects of the century for our city: the U5 line is on its way. A new arterial route running through the city that will finally connect the outlying districts in the east and west with the city centre. The plan: The U5 subway line is to run from Bramfeld via Steilshoop and City Nord, down through Winterhude to the main station and then out further west.

This planning is already in full swing, and is being conducted together with local Hamburg residents. It is Hamburg’s largest transport project of the coming decades.

As well as densely populated districts such as Steilshoop and Osdorfer Born benefiting from a new high-speed rail link, many jobs, for example in the City Nord area, and major leisure and educational facilities such as the University of Hamburg or the city’s arenas will also be reached more quickly in the future.

For the first section known as "U5 East", between Bramfeld and City Nord, the route and location of the five stops have already been determined. HOCHBAHN aims to begin construction here in 2021.


U5 Map Hamburg
The U5 subway line is to run from Bramfeld via Steilshoop and City Nord, down through Winterhude to the main station and then out further west. © HOCHBAHN