There’s change in the air!

The switchover from diesel to electric buses is now commencing.

HOCHBAHN Elektrobus
One of our first emission-free buses: Solaris e Urbino.

It marks a great revolution in Hamburg’s public transport and will change the city in the long term. From the beginning of the 2030s onwards, only emission-free and low-noise buses will be running on the city’s roads.

The first production-ready, zero-emission electric buses arrived at HOCHBAHN at the end of 2018. And in the followong years more of these new “climate protectors” will be rolling in at our depots.


With a procurement initiative launched by Hamburg (with HOCHBAHN, VHH) and Berlin (BVG), which now includes more than a dozen major German cities, HOCHBAHN is pushing ahead with the transition to climate-friendly electric powertrains. The transport companies have defined common standards in order to give manufacturers incentives to develop vehicles ready for series production for the German market.


For example, an electric bus must have a range of at least 150 kilometres.
Over the next few years, we will gradually be switching our entire fleet of around 1,000 vehicles from diesel engines to electric motors.


Award-winning eco excellence!


In 2017, HOCHBAHN won the coveted EBUS Award for its commitment to emission-free transportation. It is the most important national environmental prize in public transport and is awarded to companies that have successfully implemented projects and products for the introduction of electric buses. The qualifying factor to be in the running for the award is that projects must already be implemented in day-to-day operations – just like our former “Innovation Line 109”.