For your and our health


Dear passengers,

we keep Hamburg running even in times of the coronavirus. However, before you travel with us, please note: It is mandatory to wear a mask correctly in buses, trains and at stops. Make sure that your mask also covers your nose completely.

Anyone who is found in a ticket-obligated area without a correctly fitted mask covering mouth and nose must pay a contractual penalty of 40 euros. Please make sure that you keep a minimum distance from other people, even if you have mouth and nose protection on, where possible.


Automatic door opening

Our drivers open all doors automatically at each stop. In this way we ensure that the buses as well as our trains are well areated. While all doors of the latest DT5 vehicle generation have been opening automatically since March, this is now also possible for all DT4 vehicles following a technical upgrade.


Additional mobile cleaning

In addition to the regular thorough cleaning of all vehicles and stops, mobile hygiene teams are currently on the road seven days a week. They disinfect all contact points of our buses, trains and stations.


Many thanks for your understanding!