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Bus routing in the period approx. 24 November to April 2022
U3 Innenstadt_Linienführung Nov Fj

Bus traffic will be divided up

  • Lines 3, 5, 19 and all night bus lines (600) will operate in Mönckebergstraße during this time, and will also stop at Rathausmarkt again. In the construction site area for the barrier-free extension of the U3 stop Mönckebergstraße, block traffic will be in effect again.
  • Lines 6, 16, 17, X35, 31, 37 will remain in Steinstrasse, which means that the number of buses will be almost halved, resulting in a noticeable reduction in traffic on Steinstrasse (also at night): Together with Line 3 returning from Ballindamm, 33 trips per direction return to Mönckebergstraße in the peak hour, 35 remain in Steinstraße. On weekdays, no more buses run in Steinstraße at night between about 0:30 and 4:30 a.m., and on weekend nights Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun, only line 17 runs here (instead of the previous 5 and 17).
  • At Speersort in the area of the daycare center, only the lines X35 and 31 are still running (they pass through without stopping). The stop temporarily installed there can be removed. Previously, this is not possible due to the lines 5, 19 and the night bus lines still running there.

Background information on this phase

  • The Mönckebergstrasse/Steintorwall intersection will be ready for smooth inner-city bus operations via Mönckebergstrasse and Steinstrasse from around November 24. The eastbound bus stop on the Steintor bridge will also be completed by then.
  • Criteria for the division of routes between Steinstrasse and Mönckebergstrasse:
    • Eastbound: lines that share a common route further on should be reached at the same stop (e.g. 6,17, 37 or 5, 19).
    • Westbound: Passengers should be able to reach their lines in the same direction at the same stop (e.g. 16, 17, 37 towards St. Pauli, 5, 19 to Jungfernstieg and Dammtor).
    • In addition, the Mönckebergstraße/Bergstraße intersection will receive clearer traffic routing. For the X35 and the 31, the best possible stop will be realized at Rödingsmarkt. For Line 3, service to the main station will be restored as quickly as possible.