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Mann schaut in U-Bahn in der hvv-App nach einer Fahrverbindung

hvv Any

hvv Any: Mobility to go

Always travel at the lowest possible fare

No more worrying about finding the right fare and the cheapest ticket – our “hvv Any” initiative makes this grand promise. In future, customers will be able to check in quickly and easily by app when beginning their hvv journey and simply start travelling straight away. Any line changes etc. will be automatically recorded, as is the moment you “check out”.  

At the end of the day, the cheapest ticket will be calculated from the combination of all the journeys you made that day. Having to know about different ticket types and fare zones will therefore become a thing of the past. 

A pilot project was launched at HOCHBAHN in 2018 with this precise vision in mind. The result is an innovation that makes access to public transport an even more integral part of everyday life. The aim is to make sure that our passengers always travel at the right price for them. For example, many journeys in the space of one day are then combined into one single day or group ticket, if this makes sense in terms of price. 

Eine Frau hilft einem Mann auf ein StadtRAD, während ihr gerade geliehenes Cabrio von SIXT Share im Hintergrund geparkt ist

hvv switch

Using the entire mobility in just one app: hvv switch wants to make all relevant mobility offers of the city available on one platform, combining the classic public transport with sharing offers. In this way, the app will become the digital home for the Hamburg-Takt.

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You need a timetable information or current information about the operation? Then it's this way for you.

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