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Diversity at HOCHBAHN: Different together!

We strive for diversity. Which in turn promotes diversity.

Because Hamburg is colourful. And so is HOCHBAHN.
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We spend every day making sure people reach their destination: whether it’s to party in St. Pauli, take a walk along the river in Blankenese, network in the exhibition halls of the “Messe”, or cheer on their team from the stadium stands. We do this for everyone: be they natives or newcomers to Hamburg, tourists or real-life sailors. 

Everyone in Hamburg is different, after all. Just like at HOCHBAHN. The diversity of the city reflects our own diversity. We take a stand against discrimination of any kind. Because we believe so firmly in respect and take the issue of diversity very seriously. After all, respect is the only route that will drive us all forward together: passengers and employees alike. 

The people who work together at HOCHBAHN represent all different cultures, faiths and age groups. There are colleagues with different genders and sexual orientations, and both with and without disabilities. It’s no coincidence that this diverse mix is a reflection of society. It is intended just that way. As well as enabling equal opportunities it is an important prerequisite for our corporate success. We want everyone to be able to achieve their full potential. 

We’re committed to ensuring that all HOCHBAHN employees are treated equally and have the same opportunities. 

These are major goals. And our success in achieving them cannot always be measured in statistics. At HOCHBAHN, we see diversity as an ongoing process where priorities and objectives can change. That’s why we attach great importance to having a dynamic diversity strategy in place that’s always under review. 

In other words: we embrace diversity. And an attitude throughout the company that promotes diversity. 

With this in mind, we implement a variety of different measures aimed at reinforcing and building on HOCHBAHN employees’ awareness and sensibility for diversity issues. Across all areas of the company.  

The Diversity Strategy of HOCHBAHN 

Diversity and its appreciation and recognition are core values for HOCHBAHN. We incorporate these into all aspects of our work.

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