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The Diversity Strategy of HOCHBAHN 

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Diversity, and recognising and valuing this diversity, are core values for HOCHBAHN. We incorporate these values into all aspects of our work: when communicating with one another, in the workplace, in the way we recruit future colleagues, and when it comes to job promotions, further training, and employee retention. 

We believe in the value of ideas that come about from a diverse working environment and we aim to bring a variety of different thoughts, experiences and expertise to everything we do. We believe that an inclusive workplace creates an atmosphere in which every single individual can achieve their full potential. Our stance on diversity forms the foundation stone here. At the same time, it also enables us to bring about the greatest value for our customers. 

What action do we take to achieve this? 

  • Since 2017, our Diversity Manager has been committed to improving diversity within the company in both strategic and practical ways. She enjoys the support of the Management Board, which takes diversity extremely seriously. 
  •  The initial focus is on improving the gender mix at HOCHBAHN. When advertising for job vacancies, we therefore always welcome applications from all genders. This way we can also be sure we’re drawing from the entire talent pool. 
  •  In 2007, HOCHBAHN signed the “Diversity Charter” (in German: “Charta der Vielfalt”) together with other companies – a written commitment to diversity in the workplace. 
  •  Our job advertisements are addressed to all genders and aimed at hiring as many different people as possible. 
  •  We make diversity visible at HOCHBAHN, for instance with a regular queer meet-up (“Stammtisch”) and a network for women in leadership (“FührungsFrauen”). 
  • We make our young colleagues aware of the issue of diversity from the very beginning – by holding a diversity workshop for new trainees and working students starting each year. 
  • We see it as managers’ responsibility to make sure that diversity is implemented. That’s why it forms part of our management guidelines and management seminars. 
  • By offering language courses, we are breaking down language barriers. 
  • We offer so-called awareness training: Increasing knowledge, awareness and skills relating to diversity within the company and boosting sensibility for the issue of discrimination. 
  • We offer internal training courses on diversity issues, such as intercultural skills and communication, conflict management, and the promotion of understanding between generations.  
  • We want to make sure that having a family and a career is compatible. That’s why we offer posts geared to employees with children, trainee positions and part-time work. 
  • To make sure we address all genders equally in our communication, we avoid using the generic masculine form in German in the language we use. 
  • With initiatives such as the first Diversity Week at HOCHBAHN in 2019, we’re promoting tolerance and diversity – both internally and externally.