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Busanlage Rahlstedt

New construction of the bus centre Rahlstedt

HOCHBAHN prepares infrastructure and bus operations for the new S-Bahn line S4

Rahlstedt's mobility will improve considerably in the coming years. From the end of 2027, the new S-Bahn line S4 will run and provide a significantly faster connection to the city centre. In preparation for this, HOCHBAHN is completely rebuilding the bus system in Amtsstraße and demolishing the old system. This will create the new capacity we need for our bus operations. Because with the S4, at least 2,000 more passengers per day are expected at the bus facility, which is served by 15 lines. That is why we are investing around nine million euros here.

We will adapt our local bus services in good time before the S4 Rahlstedt stop opens and ensure that connections are optimised. As the S4 will take over the main connection to Wandsbek (10 minutes to Wandsbek Rathaus), the buses currently travelling there can be used differently in future and, for example, strengthen the connections to Farmsen or Jenfeld. Bicycle parking spaces, Bike+Ride spaces, a StadtRAD station, a P+R car park and an hvv switch point in Apostelweg complete the local mobility offer.

At the Berliner Tor S-Bahn stop, just 16 minutes' drive away, passengers can later change to various underground and S-Bahn lines, for example, while avoiding the hustle and bustle of the main railway station.

This is what the new Rahlstedt bus centre will look like:

The main facility in Amtsstraße will have a much more modern, high-quality and friendly atmosphere. The three flat roofs, which completely cover all the departure areas, are a defining feature. The light-coloured undersides of the roofs are illuminated in the evening hours and bathe the bus platforms in indirect light. The anthracite-coloured roof supports, edges and the new service building form a strong contrast to the light-coloured undersides of the roofs. The flat roofs have a green surface and photovoltaic elements. There are also windbreak walls with high-quality seating and a digital passenger information system.

What will be created here by summer 2026?

From summer 2024 to summer 2026, HOCHBAHN is building additional bus departure areas and more parking spaces for buses taking a break. A new pedestrian tunnel will be built underground at the same time, which will run in such a way that a direct connection to the future S4 platform is possible.

In addition, the accessibility of the entire system and the subway will be optimised:

  • Lifts and escalators connect the bus system and the pedestrian tunnel.
  • Tactile guidance elements in the floor will be integrated at all access routes and at the arrival and departure areas.
  • The departure areas will enable stepless boarding and alighting.
  • The nearby traffic lights will be fitted with additional equipment for blind and visually impaired people.

The building process

Demolition and new construction of the bus facility - buses still run

Bus and regional train services will continue to operate during the construction of the new ‘Amtsstraße’ bus facility. The construction process is planned in such a way that all lines can continue to serve the area.

From spring 2025, however, temporary effects on accessibility will unfortunately be unavoidable. From the end of March 2025 to the beginning of July 2026, the boarding and alighting areas will be moved to the outer edge of the bus facility and buses will travel anti-clockwise to allow passengers to board and alight there.

  • During this period, the transition between the town centre and the Amtsstraße bus system area on one side and the Doberaner Weg bus system area and regional railway on the other side will unfortunately not be barrier-free. The reason: the existing pedestrian tunnel has to be closed for the construction of the second tunnel section.
  • During this time, the pedestrian tunnel to the regional railway and the Doberaner Weg bus facility area can only be reached via the (non-barrier-free) stairs directly in front of the former McDonald's. The only barrier-free alternative is a diversion of around 300 metres via the Amtsstraße subway.
  • For barrier-free access to the centre of Rahlstedt, we therefore recommend taking bus number 9 or 26 to the area, which can be bypassed via the Tonndorf stop (where you can change to the regional train), the Farmsen U1 stop or the Wandsbek-Markt U1 stop.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ‘Rahlstedt bus system’ project, please contact

Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Steinstraße 20, 20095 Hamburg

Tel. 040/32 88-27 23 (HOCHBAHN customer dialogue)


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