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The Rödingsmarkt subway stop in 1913

The history of HOCHBAHN

On a journey through time with HOCHBAHN

In February 1912, the time had come: After only six years of construction, Hamburg's elevated and subway railroad ran for the first time. Ten years after Berlin, the Hanseatic city was the second German city to dare the "adventure of the future" by building a subway. Turbulent early years, a difficult wartime period, new investments in the 60s and 70s and the all-transforming projects since the 80s.

Go on a journey through time with us:

1900-1912: Time Travel to Hamburg's First Underground Railroad

How the booming port of Hamburg brought public transportation to the forefront, how HOCHBAHN was founded, and how a big-city feel developed thanks to the subway.

Our history

1913-1934: Subway expansion, World War I and first buses

When the first section of the Ring Line was opened on February 15, 1912, and scheduled service began in March, it was only the beginning of the subway era in the Hanseatic city. The fact that the subway carried almost 25 million passengers in its first year of operation demonstrated both the need and the potential of the new mode of transportation.

Our history

1933-1945: The HOCHBAHN under National Socialism

The seizure of power by the National Socialists on January 30, 1933 marked the end of the democratic Weimar Republic and, like all public authorities and public enterprises, HOCHBAHN was "brought into line" with the Nazi regime: On April 10, Friedrich Stanik became State Commissioner for HOCHBAHN, succeeding long-time director Wilhelm Stein, who was removed from office and placed on forced leave.

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1955-2018: The subway grows with the city

When Hamburg completed the reconstruction of destroyed buildings in the 1950s, the port was humming and with it the entire economy, the Senate set up the "Commission for Transportation Issues" to develop a sustainable transportation concept for the Hanseatic city. Public transportation played a decisive role in this, and the subway network was to double its length to up to 100 kilometers.

Our history

Experience Hamburg historically!

Climb aboard and be amazed! Whether company anniversary, press conference, club celebration or wedding - the HANSEAT offers a spectacular setting for events. The original 1950s subway has been lovingly restored by HOCHBAHN and converted into a saloon car true to detail. In the Hanseat, you can take up to 50 guests on a (party) tour through Hamburg's total of 104 kilometers of subway network.

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