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Investor Relations

Green Financing

The HOCHBAHN Green Bond – for a sustainable Hamburg

The ambitious goal of HOCHBAHN is to achieve 100 percent climate-neutral mobility by 2030. We are well aware, after all, of our role as a key partner in Hamburg’s public transport plan, known as “Hamburg-Takt”, as well as when it comes to adhering to the city’s climate targets. This shift in mobility will only succeed with the help of an expansion of the range of metro and bus services, and the integration of on-demand and sharing services in local public transport. 

The issuance of the HOCHBAHN Green Bond is therefore a central aspect when it comes to financing these projects. Thanks to its green business model, HOCHBAHN is in a position to offer potential investors opportunities to invest in a sustainable financial product. 

You can read press information here about issuance of the funds: 

Examples of green financing

The net proceeds from the Green Bond will be invested in the following projects, among others: 

  • Conversion to a completely emission-free bus fleet 
  • Modernisation of the existing U-Bahn network 
  • New services for our customers 
  • Other sustainable projects that fall within the framework for Green Bonds  

By implementing such projects, we aim to maintain the high quality of life that the growing city of Hamburg offers, and safeguard it for future generations. We have three strategic goals in mind here: 

  • Increase in market share of integrated public transport to 30% by 2030 (2018: 22%) 
  • This is equivalent to 50 percent more passengers switching from their own private car to integrated public transport 
  • Acting in a 100 percent climate-neutral way – the aim is to reduce our CO2 footprint to zero by 2030 

HOCHBAHN at COP28 in Dubai:

Merle Schmidt-Brunn, Merle Schmidt-Brunn, Director of Finance and Sustainability, on the Hamburg-Takt, autonomous driving, sustainable finance and the construction of the U5 underground line.

Notes on the Green Bond: