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Die U3-Haltestelle Saarlandstraße aus der Vogelperspektive

U3 Saarlandstraße

U3 Saarlandstraße - a historic gem becomes barrier-free

Our Saarlandstraße U3 stop, a historical gem, is a listed building and has seen a lot in its 112 years. With the construction project launched in May 2024, we are currently working on a major remodelling project to make the stop even more convenient and barrier-free.

The historic building fabric, which is worth preserving, makes the construction work a tricky and challenging task. Because we want to keep the closure of the U3 as short as possible, we will be working largely without interrupting service. The U3 will only be closed between the Kellinghusenstraße and Barmbek stops from 27 May to 7 July 2024.

From summer 2025, the station will then be barrier-free for its more than 11,000 daily passengers. The U3 Saarlandstraße is then expected to be the 90th barrier-free underground station in Hamburg. With it, 98 per cent of our underground stations will have one lift per platform, a tactile guidance system and (partially) raised platforms for level boarding and alighting.

HOCHBAHN is investing around 10 million euros in barrier-free expansion and station refurbishment. This is being subsidised by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

All information about the project and the closure can be found below on this page:

What exactly is being built on Saarlandstraße?

  • The stop will be made barrier-free and extensively refurbished.
  • Two large switch fields in the vicinity of the stop are being renewed.
  • Extensive track construction work is taking place on the line between Barmbek and Saarlandstraße.
  • HOCHBAHN is also expanding the neighbouring Saarlandstraße depot in parallel until around the end of 2025.
Visualisierung der späteren barrierefreien Haltestelle Saarlandstraße

This is what the Saarlandstraße U3 stop will look like after the barrier-free extension.

The construction work in detail:

Effects on underground railway operations:

A look back: The history of the Saarlandstraße stop

Ein historisches Foto der U3-Haltestelle Saarlandstraße

Originally opened in 1912 as ‘Flurstraße’, it later became an important transport hub. It was renamed ‘Stadtpark’ in 1924, followed by an extensive extension in 1927 according to the plans of architect Walter Puritz. This included a second platform and a spacious entrance building. A unique feature of the HOCHBAHN network to this day is that each platform can only serve one direction of travel. In 1970, the station was given its final name ‘Saarlandstraße’ to avoid confusion with the S-Bahn station of the same name. We last built at the stop in 2012 and took the first steps towards accessibility at that time.

Questions or concerns about the project? Please get in touch!

Either here via our contact form or by calling our HOCHBAHN customer dialogue on 040/32 88-27 23.

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