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Eine Frau hilft einem Mann auf ein StadtRAD, während ihr gerade geliehenes Cabrio von SIXT Share im Hintergrund geparkt ist

Mobility in Hamburg

Sharing with hvv switch, B+R and P+R facilities:

Simply be on the move

Connecting different mobility services and public transport offers with one another in a smart way and delivering a better, simple alternative to people’s private cars – that’s also our job for Hamburg. Whether it’s using the hvv switch mobility app or new bicycle parking facilities at our train stops – there are lots of different ways to get Hamburg moving together: 

hvv switch – the digital home for “Hamburg-Takt” 

Simple. Fast. Direct. That’s how people want to travel around their city. Whether it’s by U-Bahn, bus, car sharing or bike: they will always opt for the mode of transport that suits them best. But buying a ticket or booking a shuttle need not be time-consuming. That’s where hvv switch comes in! 

Access to the entire range of mobility options the city has to offer – in just one app. That’s what we set out to do. To rethink Hamburg, and move it forward in a new way. Car, bike and ride sharing, taxis, e-scooters and public transport tickets – up until now we’ve had to use individual apps on our smartphones for each of these, and had to register individually with each provider. In future, hvv switch will make all the city’s mobility services available on one single platform, combining classic public transport with sharing services. This will make the new app the core of the “Hamburg-Takt” mission. Developed by HOCHBAHN, the new brand was introduced in summer 2020 as part of hvv, with the launch of the app. 

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Bike + Ride in Hamburg
Die Hamburger Bike-and-Ride-Anlage an der Saarlandstraße

Creating flexible and simple alternatives, in an effort to make private cars less and less dominant on Hamburg’s streets. That’s our approach to strengthening the interconnections between eco-friendly modes of transport. This involves new mobility points such as Hamburg’s first bike parking garage at the Kellinghusenstraße U-Bahn station. 

With 600 new covered bicycle parking spaces, the Kellinghusenstraße stop will offer a total of 1,000 parking spaces from summer 2021 onwards, together with the existing parking facilities on bicycle racks in the surrounding area. With a view to allowing the people of Hamburg to pedal hard and switch flexibly, more bicycle parking facilities will be built in the coming years, for example at the Schlump and Holstenstraße (S-Bahn) stops, and at all long-distance train stations. The B+R development concept for our city envisages being able to offer as many as 28,000 bicycle parking spaces in Hamburg by 2025. 

A large number of rapid transit and regional transport stops already offer passengers the option to park their bikes in a safe and orderly manner. In many cases, lockable bicycle rental spaces are offered. You can find out exactly where on the website of P+R-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Park + Ride in Hamburg

Traffic jams in the city and the arduous search for a parking space become a thing of the past thanks to the Park+Ride facilities at many stops of the rapid transit and regional transport systems in the hvv service region. Passengers can simply park directly next to the stop, then change to the S-Bahn or U-Bahn trains and continue the rest of their journey by rail. P+R is as simple as that. On the one hand, this reduces road traffic in the inner city area, and, at the same time, it makes life easier and is kinder to the environment. 

The Park+Ride facilities are marked P+R on the route map of Hamburg’s rapid transit systems. All information and the locations of P+R facilities in Hamburg can be found here.  

Eine Frau hilft einem Mann auf ein StadtRAD, während ihr gerade geliehenes Cabrio von SIXT Share im Hintergrund geparkt ist

hvv switch

Using the entire mobility in just one app: hvv switch wants to make all relevant mobility offers of the city available on one platform, combining the classic public transport with sharing offers. In this way, the app will become the digital home for the Hamburg-Takt.

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Our subway network

Over 100 kilometers of environmentally friendly, emission-free mobility: With the U1, U2, U3 and U4 lines, we bring Hamburg to the most important places in the city. And: our network continues to grow ...

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Experience Hamburg historically!

Climb aboard and be amazed! Whether company anniversary, press conference, club celebration or wedding - the HANSEAT offers a spectacular setting for events. The original 1950s subway has been lovingly restored by HOCHBAHN and converted into a saloon car true to detail. In the Hanseat, you can take up to 50 guests on a (party) tour through Hamburg's total of 104 kilometers of subway network.

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