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Grünes Hamburg: Die Stadt mit der Alster aus der Luft fotografiert


Taking responsibility – on behalf of Hamburg

The fight against climate change, commitment to social issues, and diversity are all firmly at the heart of HOCHBAHN’s corporate strategy.

Keeping the city and its people moving in a sustainable way – that is our job and that is our responsibility towards Hamburg. With our climate-neutral transport services and the “Hamburg Takt” initiative running through to 2030, we are well on the way to combatting climate change and reducing our carbon footprint. We are equally committed to standing up against any form of discrimination. We tackle diversity head on – with diversity. Respect is central to what we stand for, and we therefore take diversity very seriously indeed. After all,  respect is the only way forward for all of us: passengers and employees alike. 

You can find out more here about our commitment to making Hamburg a better and more tolerant city in the long term:  

HOCHBAHN becomes climate neutral

Climate change concerns us all! It is one of the most critical global risks of our time. But we all have an important lever to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement: urban mobility. HOCHBAHN is aware of this responsibility for the city.

Our road to zero

The "Hamburg-Takt"

Our (climate) plan: We are increasing the offer and the service. Because the Hamburg-Takt is the most important building block of the mobility turnaround. HOCHBAHN, as the operator of subway and bus lines in this city, therefore has a central role to play.

Our strategy for 2030