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The U3 runs on a viaduct through the district of Barmbek

U3 Fuhlsbüttler Straße

U3 Fuhlsbüttler Straße: In the heart of Barmbek

Fuhlsbüttler Straße is getting its own U-Bahn stop

Lively, individual and vibrant, just like the people that live here. That’s the reputation that Barmbek has made for itself. Running through the middle of this district is “Fuhlsbüttler Straße”, affectionately known as “Fuhle”. It’s a major thoroughfare filled with restaurants, eateries and shops, where community and multiculturalism are alive and well.  

Here in the heart of Barmbek, residents can find just about everything they could possibly need – except their own U-Bahn stop, that is. We plan to fix that, and are therefore planning an additional stop on the U3 underground line, between the Habichtstraße and Barmbek stops. 

The faster and congestion-free route into the city centre 

The U3 Fuhlsbüttler Straße stop will connect around 10,000 more people to the city’s rapid transit network. In future, they will be able to travel to the city centre in a shorter space of time, without any hassle or traffic jams. If that’s not reason enough to leave your car at home, then nothing is.   

This is also good news for those living at the Barmbek S-Bahn/U-Bahn junction: if more passengers get on at the “Fuhle”, they’ll relieve crowds and congestion at the Barmbek station. 

In dialogue with the residents of Barmbek 

Back in the autumn of 2020, we first asked local people for ideas about “their” new station. We started an online dialogue at, where plenty of informed and clever suggestions were submitted. The second participation phase in summer 2021 then focused on two aspects in particular. This time, Barmbek residents had the chance to have their say on the design of the stop and the surrounding area – not only online but with on-site tours as well.  

You’d like to find out more? Everything you need to know about the U3 Fuhlsbüttler Straße station can be found (in German) at – along with detailed information about all projects relating to the expansion of the U-Bahn network in Hamburg.  

Citizen participation

Together with the people of Hamburg, we are expanding the underground network. You can contribute your ideas and suggestions on our "Faster through Hamburg" participation platform.

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