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Visualisierung der künftigen Busanlage Harburg

Harburg bus centre

New construction of the Harburg bus centre

All information about the construction and where the buses depart during this time

We will be building a completely new bus system in Harburg from summer 2024. To this end, the existing system will first be demolished from 3 June. We will therefore have to close the facility for two years and reroute the buses for the new construction. You can find all the information here:

Where will the buses run during the construction period?

All bus routes will be diverted via the S Harburg Rathaus stop. Only route 153 will not stop at the S Harburg Rathaus stop, but will travel directly to S Wilhelmsburg.

Please use the S-Bahn between Harburg and Harburg Rathaus. In addition, the new stops Moorstraße and Bf. Harburg (Großmoordamm) have been set up in the Harburg station area.

All information on timetables, stops and diversions can be found here at hvv and in the hvv app.

You can also find an overview of where your bus departs during the construction work here: 

Why is HOCHBAHN building a completely new bus station in Harburg?

The bus centre, also known as the Harburg central bus station, is Hamburg's central mobility centre south of the Elbe. However, with 40,000 passengers per day, it has simply reached its capacity limits. 22 bus routes and seven night bus routes start from here. At peak times, this means up to 150 bus departures per hour.

With the new building and an additional bus platform in Hannoversche Straße, we are not only increasing the capacity of the facility, but also ensuring faster processing of individual journeys. At the same time, necessary renovation work will also be carried out on the underground of the system.

When will the new bus centre go into operation and what will it look like?

The new facility is scheduled for completion in summer 2026, when passengers in Harburg can expect a state-of-the-art and visually appealing transfer point. Here you can see visualisations of what it will look like:


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