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Be consistently bold. Inspire others along the way.

Getting Hamburg in sync. Keeping our climate intact.

Shifting mindsets. 

For too long, profitability and sustainability were thought to contradict each other. Many felt that things would turn out ok somehow. Without much action being required. They believed that individual freedom was about one thing in particular: Possession. But doesn’t having options give us much greater freedom? Especially when we choose the best option at any given time? 

It’s high time we set about decelerating the climate problem. And it’s time we get Hamburg on a new, fixed schedule. Our target number for the future is zero. Zero emissions. And zero trade-offs or compromises. 

Time for a fresh outlook. Time to inspire others. 

Consistently bold actions. 

Whichever way you look at it, the time for action is now. Time for the mobility transformation. Even in these tough times. Let’s face it, our climate knows only one crisis: Its own. So let’s remain committed to our goals. Systematically continue together along our chosen path. Towards climate-neutral local public transport. Towards the most attractive option available. With simply the best service. Towards the objectives laid on in the “Hamburg Takt” scheme. 

Let’s continue to be brave and take action. Now.