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Bus route and stops in the city center as of fall 2021

All information at a glance

The refurbishment of the inner-city section of the U3 is right on schedule. On the project side, the plan was to move all buses from Steinstrasse back to Mönckebergstrasse at the end of August. However, in the course of the "Action Concept Inner City" of the Authority for Transport and Mobility Change (BVM) and the Authority for Urban Development and Housing (BSW), traffic in the inner city is being rethought, among other things.

In order to make the best possible use of the opportunities offered by the current bus route and at the same time mitigate the negative effects, we are implementing interim solutions on September 1 and probably November 24 that will

  • provide noticeable relief for Steinstrasse and Speersort,
  • but still offer the advantages (well-functioning bus, bicycle and individual traffic, better access to the Kontorhausviertel district) and
  • relieve Mönckebergstrasse of bus traffic while still providing good access to restaurants and retail outlets.