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Credit Rating

HOCHBAHN's credit rating confirmed

In its “Rating Action Commentary” published on 17 September 2021,  Fitch Rating confirmed HOCHBAHN the  top rating of AAA. In its comments, Fitch states that the direct awarding of contracts for the provision of transport services, among other things, does not allow for any other conclusion to be drawn than the fact that HOCHBAHN is to be classified as a company of the FHH (City of Hamburg) and that the rating is therefore equivalent to that of FHH. 

HOCHBAHN has been directly commissioned by the FHH in 2019 to provide the main bus services over the coming 10 years, as well as all U-Bahn services in Hamburg’s metropolitan region for the next 22.5 years. The awarding of these contracts took place in accordance with EU requirements. 

Furthermore, HOCHBAHN also has a strategic role in local transport policy and in achieving the climate goals set by the FHH. 

The Fitch Credit Rating