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U3 Innenstadt_Betriebliche Einschränkungen

The U3 line is one of the most important connections in the inner city area. High reliability and safety of the infrastructure is indispensable for mobility in our city. That's why we have to tackle the extensive work on the historic and much-used line in good time. Unfortunately, this cannot be done without a longer closure.

Service on the U3 will therefore be interrupted between Hauptbahnhof (South) and Baumwall until March 27, 2022. The stops Mönckebergstraße, Rathaus and Rödingsmarkt will not be served during this time.

The U3 will then resume service along the entire route. Only the Mönckebergstraße stop will remain closed for at least eight weeks. The actual duration required will be decided during the course of construction. (Reason: New technical room to be built and put into operation, without which the stop cannot be approached).