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The green foundation stone: bus depots for electromobility

After Alsterdorf, a new HOCHBAHN site is now taking shape in Meiendorf. Others are set to follow.

Meeting our ambitious eco-mobility plans requires a strong ensemble and infrastructure. Our E-Philharmonie is growing slowly but surely, and the old and outdated vehicle models are already on their farewell tour. With the “Hamburg-Takt” initiative, the number of gently humming and environmentally friendly vehicles has increased by as much as 50 percent (there are now over 1,000 such buses in operation). With all this happening, our bus depots are becoming increasingly important hotspots of activity: the existing sites are being converted for e-mobility capabilities, with a charging infrastructure, and new depots have to be built as well. 

Now being built: The most state-of-the-art depot in Germany 

Two years ago, we opened Germany’s first bus depot designed purely for emission-free mobility in Alsterdorf. More are set to follow, and the first site has already been found: In Meiendorf we will be building the most state-of-the-art depot in the country. Unlike Alsterdorf, which is currently also home to diesel vehicles, this new depot will only house eco-friendly buses from the very outset. Located in the northeast of Hamburg, there will be loading and parking areas for about 130 buses, as well as a cleaning facility, a repairs garage, and an administration building. 

Naturally charged with 100 percent green electricity 

All carports will be planted with green roofs and fitted with photovoltaic systems. Here, too, the vehicles will be charged with green electricity only. The e-buses are scheduled to move in to their new home in Meiendorf at the end of 2024.