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Ein E-Bus der HOCHBAHN fährt durch die Speicherstadt


Passenger information on board

Bus monitor with route and stops

We want to persuade even more people to take the bus, and in order to do that we need both efficient vehicles and the right passenger information. Ensuring a consistently high level of service throughout people’s entire journey is crucial. It is not enough simply to deliver a conveniently timed and on-time connection. The comfort of our vehicles, as with our new e-buses, is equally as important as making sure information is communicated in a clear way on board. With this in mind we’ve been fitting all existing Euro 6 buses (those that aren’t yet about to be taken out of service) and zero-emission buses (over 700 vehicles altogether) with dual monitors since 2021. Our e-buses are already fully equipped with this technology when they leave the production plant.

A software update will then also enable the display of real-time data in the future. For example, before entering the next stop, passengers will receive an overview of all possible transfer connections - for the bus, the subway, the S-Bahn, and regional transport. The forecast arrival time for the next stops is also displayed.