Annual Report 2019

Be braver. Take action. Now.





Our city is on the move. More people. More jobs. More housing. However, there are also more and more cars. Let’s finally start giving up individual transport. Let’s finally give up the business of just getting started. The time has come for a real U turn instead of a slight shift. Let’s work together to get something big moving – with a far larger offering, an enhanced service, more room for everyone and a greater vision for our environment. Let’s pick up the pace in Hamburg!


We are delivering results on the streets. Taking responsibility. Setting ourselves ambitious (climate) goals. Transforming visions into reality, today and tomorrow. Always focusing on what we can do for people and the environment. How do we do this? With a fleet of environmentally-friendly buses. More frequent services across our entire network. Longer trains. Even more staff. Even more connections for Hamburg. The new U5 U-Bahn line. The extended U4 line. With the ‘Hamburg Takt’. And all with zero emissions. In just ten years’ time, our company will be climate-neutral. Let’s work together to make our city a better place to live.


Keeping people moving in the city using electricity is our job. Swimming against the tide to find new, electrifying solutions is what drives us. We are stepping away from well-trodden paths. Breaking down the barriers in our minds with agile thinking and innovative action. Our city and our planet are worth broadening our perspectives for. Why? Because mobility starts with boldness. Let’s be braver. Let’s do it. Today.




You want to know more about our way? We would like to present all of our information, facts and figures to you in our 2019 Annual Report or 2020 Interim Report. The 2019 annual report also serves as a Sustainability ReportSimply download below.