Bike and car

Taking your bicycle with you


You are of course welcome to take your bike with you free of charge when travelling on our metro trains. In fact, you can do this on many bus routes too (marked with a bicycle icon in the timetable), as well as on the Hamburg harbour ferry lines 61 to 75. We offer this option to cyclists from Monday to Friday before 6 am, then from 9 am to 4 pm and from 6 pm onwards, as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. During Hamburg’s official school summer holidays you can take your bike with you on the underground regardless of the day of the week or the time of day. There is space for two bicycles in the door area of our metro trains and buses (middle door only).
Please note: Wheelchair users and passengers with pushchairs have priority. In other words, we may have to ask you to get off with your bike at times when the buses and trains are full. If there is any doubt, HOCHBAHN drivers or operating personnel will have the final decision here.

Travelling with a bike
Travelling with a bike © HOCHBAHN

Park + Ride

Park+Ride facilities are available at many stops within the HVV network, with more than 22,000 parking spaces for cars in total. You can make use of these parking spaces around the clock and some of them are even covered. Simply park your car there and then get on your bus or train just a few metres away. Please note: Some P+R car parks are subject to a charge. The reason for this is that they are run by various different operators.
The Park+Ride facilities are marked with a P+R symbol on the Hamburg railway system map. All information about the P+R facilities in Hamburg, including locations and terms of use, can be found here.

Park + Ride Hamburg
Park + Ride Hamburg © HOCHBAHN

Bike + Ride

There are many stations for rapid-transit and regional trains in Hamburg where bicycles can be securely parked in an orderly fashion. In many cases, lockable bike parking spaces are available for rent.
Click here to find out where to find these parking spaces in Hamburg and what conditions apply.

Bike + Ride in Hamburg Germany
Bike + Ride in Hamburg © HOCHBAHN