With 114 bus routes in total, HOCHBAHN provides a great deal of mobility throughout Hamburg. With all routes combined stretching a distance of more than 920 kilometres, we operate over 800 vehicles with over 1,300 bus stops to make sure we take you to your destination. Over the course of a year, our buses travel more than 50 million kilometres overall, which is the equivalent of over 1,350 circumnavigations of the globe. That’s some seriously long-distance bus driving. In Hamburg’s city traffic alone, they cover approx. 137,000 kilometres every single day. Our drivers operate a wide variety of different bus types – from smaller city buses to double-articulated buses.

All our buses are modern low-floor vehicles with low-entry access and lowerable decks. “As far as the technological standard of the buses is concerned, Hamburg plays at a top-class level and really does set an example for other cities,” according to Carsten Willms, traffic expert at the ADAC (the General German Automobile Club).

The MetroBus route 5 between Burgwedel and the main railway station, which transports around 60,000 passengers daily, is not only one of the most frequently used bus routes in Hamburg but in the whole of Europe.

Back in 2014, HOCHBAHN began testing all the relevant innovative drivetrain technologies for the buses of the future – and made the decision to start using battery-powered electric buses. Moving forward, the entire fleet of around 1,000 diesel-fuelled buses will be successively converted to zero-emission electric buses.

The number 109 was the first “Innovation Line” in Europe, which ran 9.3 kilometres from the Alsterdorf district via Winterhude to the city centre and back. All of the innovative drivetrains were put through their paces under the same trial conditions in daily operation on this route. This provided the best possible overview of the advantages and disadvantages of the individual technologies. In this way, each day brought us a step closer to achieving our goal of sustainable and emission-free bus transport for our city. With less CO2, less noise - and more convenience for passengers.

HOCHBAHN bus in Hamburg