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anyone, anytime, anywhere

Always travel at the lowest possible fare

No more worrying about the right fare and the cheapest ticket - hvv Any is nothing less than this ticket revolution. This means that customers can check in quickly and easily via hvv switch app when they start their journey throughout the entire hvv and travel straight away. The detection of changes and also the check-out will take place automatically.

This is how it works:
  • When starting their journey, passengers swipe the button "Start journey".
  • From then on, all transfers are recorded automatically and passengers also check out when they leave the means of transport or the stop.
  • At the request of many participants in the beta phase, independent check-out is also possible.

At the end of the day, the most favorable ticket is calculated from the combination of all journeys. Knowledge of ticket types and fare zones is thus a thing of the past. And of course, this system, developed and implemented by HOCHBAHN, works not only in our buses and subways, but in all hvv means of transportation. This means: hvv Any is available for all journeys in the entire hvv network with three federal states, seven districts and around 30 transport companies. This includes not only all buses and subway and commuter trains, the trains of DB Regio, Metronom, Nordbahn and AKN, but also the ferries of HADAG.

Download the hvv switch app now and get started easily with hvv Any 

Click here to go to hvv switch in the App Store.

Click here to go to hvv switch in the Google Play Store.

No matter who, when and where - the system takes care of you

hvv Any stands for anyone, anytime, anywhere - no matter who, when and where, hvv Any takes care of the right ticket. This makes it as easy as possible for people who do not travel by bus or train every day to use the system. The aim is to ensure that our passengers always travel automatically at the best price for them. Many journeys in one day are then combined into a day or group ticket, for example, if this makes sense in terms of price.

How does hvv Any work technically?

Beacons play an important role. These are transmitters that serve as precise location markers in the system and can be recognized by the user's own smartphone. This enables secure, fare-accurate and thus fair billing of all journeys in the system.