The strategy HOCHBAHN#2030

Strategy#2030 hochbahn
Strategy © HOCHBAHN

When, if not now?

We are responding to the global megatrend towards digitalisation by updating our corporate strategy, HOCHBAHN#2030, which will lead to many changes in the whole area of mobility and open up major new opportunities for HOCHBAHN.

Who, if not us?

Digitalisation will enable us to integrate processes intelligently – in order to cater even better to our customers’ individual mobility needs. With more than 100 years’ experience connecting the city, HOCHBAHN is already the backbone of mobility in Hamburg.

Where, if not here?

Hamburg is booming – both in terms of its economy and the number of people who live here. The results: new homes are being built, whole new residential districts are taking shape, and the demands on mobility are increasing and becoming ever more diverse.

Our overriding goal: increasing passenger numbers

By supplementing our core business and bundling and acting as intermediary for other mobility services such as car and ride sharing, users of the platform will also become our customers in future. After all, we strive to organise and facilitate mobility all across the city.


The strategy HOCHBAHN#2030 is being implemented with the following strategic initiatives:

Strategic Initiatives hamburger hochbahn
Strategic Initiatives © HOCHBAHN

Sustainability management

Sustainability management provides a framework for us to organise our services and processes in line with ecological and social needs.

Process management

New working methods and digitalisation call for the adaptation of corporate processes. We are taking advantage of the options opened up by digitalisation – by analysing our internal and external processes and optimising them.

A digital customer experience

Our customers’ expectations change with the advancing digitalisation of society, and that has an impact on how we sell tickets, on how we provide information and on how people pass their time on our trains and buses and at our stations and stops. New solutions are being conceived in a radical shift towards seeing things from the customer’s perspective.

IT transformation

At HOCHBAHN this involves the systematic alignment of our IT architecture and all IT-based business processes with the goal of meeting the future demands of digitalisation.

The wordaday world 4.0

By taking a holistic approach to redesigning work life, we want HOCHBAHN to remain attractive and successful as an employer in the increasingly dynamic environment of company operations and competition we are faced with.


Colleagues with different talents, abilities and ways of looking at things, all working together. This is what opens up opportunities for finding innovative and creative solutions, thus helping to give our company the edge in achieving economic success.

Autonomous driving

Self-driving vehicles mark a paradigm change in mobility. HOCHBAHN will run an operational trial to collect findings on development and progress in the field of autonomous driving, with a view to HOCHBAHN applying it in practice in the future.

New business segments

We position HOCHBAHN as the organiser of sustainable mobility in the Smart City of Hamburg. Our core business of bus and rail services will be supplemented here by business segments revolving around innovation and ideas for our customers and the city of Hamburg.

The metro system

With its “master plan for the metro system”, HOCHBAHN wants to advance the development and optimisation of the metro system based on set targets for its public transport service and using the capabilities brought about by fully automated operations.

The E-bus system

With its “master plan for electric buses”, HOCHBAHN is laying the operational and infrastructural groundwork for the procurement of exclusively zero-emission buses from 2020 onwards.

A mobility platform

With a platform linking all mobility service providers, HOCHBAHN enables one-stop shopping for its customers to use complementary mobility options, as well as conventional public Transport.

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